Zen Softech has developed following software, which are useful for organizations and the individuals also
  • Panchayat Guru

    Panchayat Guru at District Level have e-Prabandhan which contains "File Tracking System", "Leave Management System", "Grievance Management System", "Bio-metrics reports" , "Vehicle approval system". E-Prabandhan System is also available for taluka panchayat. At Taluka Panchayat level 14th FC system is available, which is use to track work history, status under 14th FC scheme. Accounting Software is available for maintain accounting for District Panchayat and Taluka Panchayat. Panchayat Guru at Gram Panchayat Level have Tax collection system which is use to maintain all income and expense information of gram panchayat. It also contain certificates format at scheme reporting system.

  • MDS (Mail Distribution Server)

    It is an implementation of POP3 and SMTP server using the core Java API. It has features for creating of users, user-groups and allows all users on an intranet to send/receive mails using a single mail account on the internet.

  • SMS Server

    Receiving of SMS on desktop within intranet, or inserting received messages into database table and sending of SMS from anywhere within intranet using a GSM Modem

Zen softech private limited has made these and many more software.